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I'm rather new to writing reviews for books, but I'm quite enjoying it. I mostly read YA books, but I try to break out of that box every so often. :)

The Elite

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The Selection

The Selection - Kiera Cass I dunno, I stayed up past 3:30am to finish this book, which may have skewed my opinion of it.
Side-note: I read this mostly because I liked the cover... serves me right to judge a books inner contents by the comments on the cover, and the charming visual condition of it.
First off: this book is not for everyone. It includes a frustrating premise of a man judging many women until he chooses the one he wants to marry. And all the girls go along with it. They actually compete for his love, which kind of seems horrible to me, because, really, why would you want be with someone whom you had to fight for their affections, rather than naturally falling in love? Although, the premise is dealt with in the best way I think it could have been, with Maxon explaining that this is really his first dating experience, and that he doesn't really get to date in his position.
Also, they is a very twilight-esque love triangle, which usually frustrate me to no end, and did for most of this book too, but the way it was dealt with was awesome. Yay America! You go and be a strong, confidant, woman who don't need no man to make her happy. :)
Also, props for a family that was interesting and believable, if not that complex. Some good side characters, and some boring ones. I was both frustrated and happy at times with both love interests, and by the end have a bit of preference for Prince Maxon, but not much. Neither of them are prefect, which is nice, but also frustrating when they make mistakes, or do stupid things.
If you don't think very deeply about anything in the story it's fun and charismatic. It doesn't have much depth, and the romance isn't amazing, but it's enjoyable for a light read. 3.5/5 stars. :)

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